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11:00 am and on abc7 later today at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. >> thank you. san bernardino county sheriff deputies are expanding the search for a former lapd accused of murdering three people including an officer. >> we will continue searching until we discover these live the mountain or we find him. one or the two. >> we got a new update. the search is under difficult winter conditions. now, katie marzullo is joining us live. >> the sheriff in san bernardino says right now more than 100 officers are searching for christopher dorner. they certained all night. the sheriff says dorner has had plenty of time to league big bear but they do not know if he has left. there is no evidence one way or the other. there are empty cabins in the mountain where the truck was found. officers are searching those. the hunt continues on the
11:01 am
ground. >> the fire and ourselves have a snowcap. we put our swat guys in the snow cat and armored personnel carriers with chains. we are on the mountain on the roads with that equipment. >> no one is taking chances. schools in san bernardino are closed for a second day as police continue to search for the man they say opened fire on four police officers killing one of them. christopher dorner's truck was found smoldering but there is still no sign of him. we don't know what he will do. we know what he is capable of. >> as long as he is loose officers are guarding serve locations and dozens of people potential targets named in his manifesto. in the same letter he admits killing a young couple in orange county on sunday. while entire communities are on edge, a woman in particular has reason to worry, his ex-girlfriend. it is a scary situation. i have the phone on 91 when i on
11:02 am
the door of the apartment. who is next? this will end badly for him. i don't see a peaceful resolve or peaceful ending in the situation because he has committed so many heinous acts. >> dorner has done bizarre things. he sent a package to cnn anderson cooper inside a bullet riddled coin with "thanks but no thanks will bratton," the lapd chief at the time he says the coin was a gift. >> the custom i have when someone is activated into the military headed everything i bring them to the office, present them with one of the coins as a token of respect and good luck. >> bratton was appointed as an advisor to the oakland police department says he does not remember dorner. >> the search for dorner has reached far beyond california. authorities now in some cities in florida, oklahoma and utah are on alert places he used to live and he mentioned in his manifesto. >> back to the news desk. >> a son california lawyer says
11:03 am
two women shot during the search for dorner were fired on without warping by lapd officers. the 71-year-old woman was delivering the "los angeles times" newspaper with her daughter in torrance yesterday and police officers mistook their blue toyota pickup for dorner's truck. the women's attorney say there were no warnings and no orders, just gunshots. hernandez was shot in the back is recovering. her daughter has minor injuries. >> we have continuing coverage of the manhunt and we will update you of new developments during the newscast and you get the latest breaking news from twitter at abc7 bay area and on the abc at >> the handcuffed parole he who escaped is under arrest. he was arrested last night a day after he managed to escape from police custody. police say sanchez slipped from the handcuffs from behind his
11:04 am
back to his front and he jumped into the driver's seat and took off. he ditched the van and ran. sanchez was in custody for violating probation. he will now face a series of new charges. >> details from san jose where a woman fell from a high-rise balcony to her death. the coroner says it could be alcohol-related. she fell off a high-rise on west st. james street at 3:00. her body was found on the ground in front of the building. police say there is in evidence of foul play or that it was suicide. >> across the northeast this morning forecasters believe up to 3' of snow could shut down communities between new york city and boston. boston city government closed all of the office buildings at noon eastern time, two hours ago. the snow could make driving conditions extremely dangerous across the region. >> any nonessential travel people should obviously stay off
11:05 am
the roads throughout the duration. >> trying to get early flights out. >> that gentleman is one of thousands facing delays and cancellations since the storm hit the midwest yesterday. airlines have grounded 3,700 flights through tomorrow. people are ready to get flights moving again in new york. a lost airlines are giving up flying in and out of new york and boston because of the blizzards. now from san francisco international airport. dozens of flights have been canceled. >> flying to the northeast is becoming almost impossible today. sfo is reporting 60 cancellations. 40 departures, 20 arrivals. in an hour united will stop all flights out of the new york area airports. many travelers here are quickly realizing they are stranded. hundreds of northeast travelers got to sfo way before day break only to find out they were not
11:06 am
going anywhere. the flight to detroit was canceled, because of blizzard conditions. >> i hate flying but it is a continue right now because i just want to get home and i don't want did deal with the hassle. unite the has so many cancellations it sit up this special counsel december to assist passengers in rebecoming flights to boston, newark, new york j.f.k. and philadelphia. >> this is frustrating but it is impossible it will be highly frustrating in the following hours, so hopefully we will get help. >> they wonder what did document. >> we have no clue. they don't know. they say it is the weather but montreal has snow like this and we don't understand what is going on. >> it is not normal. we are waiting. >> frustrated. >> very. >> they said perhaps tonight or
11:07 am
tomorrow which is quite annoying but what can we do. >> some have no choice they say but to sit and wait it out. >> what are your options? wait-and-see? go home? >> wait for the later planes. we don't know. >> at this point no one knows what will happen next. i spoke with airport managers, they are advised if you fly to the northeast today or tomorrow, check with your airline before you come to the airport, it could save yourself a lot of time and a lot of headaches. many airlines are waving change fees because of of the blizzard. >> still ahead, the san francisco giants getting ready for big crowds and how they are hoping to avoid a repeat of problems from the last time the team won the world series. >> officials figure out what caused the long power outage at the super
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11:09 am
11:10 am
>> the secret service is investigating reports that a hacker broke into the e-mail accounts of the bush family including both former presidents claiming to have gained access to three years of personal e-mails photos and addresses of the former first family. there is a photo of george herbert walker bush in the hospital which was first reported by www.smokinggun and saying the security code to the home in dallas was exposed. >> from new orleans we know what caused the power outage during the super bowl. the power companies say the blackout was traced to an electrical relay device which was installed to prevent such a failure. officials say the device is going to be replaced, of course, and the blackout cut the lights to about half the stadium and stopped the game for more than 30 minutes. >> if you have looked for inspiration in your weight loss or fitness goals, here it is,
11:11 am
the first woman to win the biggest loser after dropping 112 points and best selling officer and motivational speaking is going on a special journey, her first ironman competition, 2 1/2 mile swim, 112 mile bicycle ride and a full marathon. >> i believe we can do absolutely anything we want to do. we absolutely can if you have a plan and you train and you stay committed. it is, literally, a choice at a time, one step at a time. >> you can see if she makes it by tuning in to "live big." the ironman episode airs tomorrow night on the "live well" network digital chan 7.2 and channel 195 and 715 on comcast. >> she already made it. >> amazing. >> mike nicco is ahead. >> now a look outside. it has changed since this morning with the clouds starting to open up and the threat of showers over. we will talk about what is
11:12 am
happening at pebble beach or continue fest or the sierra
11:13 am
11:14 am
>> daly city, dublin, los gatos,
11:15 am
and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> massive crowds are expected at at&t park where fans get a chance to see their favorite players sin the world series championship parade. the giants are working to prevent frustrations fans experienced during began fest two 2002 -- during fanfest two years ago. amy? >> organizers have a better plan feeling ready for the crowds. we met with some of the players. you can meet them, too, tomorrow, at fanfest. here is video of what to expect from fanfest. it is at at&t park pier 48. the trophies for the giants are on display, the world series trophies with a tour of the clubhouse and meet the players. also, expect large crowds and long waits. we talked to the closer romo and he said, yes, he gets something from this, too.
11:16 am
>> i feel like a little kid. i don't believe all this is really happening to myself, personally, in my life, but to get the reception i have had in san francisco since i've been in this city and been able to put on that giants jersey has meant a lot. it is very motivating and fulfilling. i walk out to warm up and i am getting a big cheer. >> fanfest 2011, the crowds everyone unbelievable after they won the woman series. some fans tried to force their way in and they were frustrated. organizers say they have learned from that expense and they have planned better for a huge number of fans tomorrow. >> they have relieved the pressure on the building with the world series trophy and the national league troll and wolf baseball trophy and america's cup trophy housed at pier 48
11:17 am
which we call the trophy pavilion and we encourage the fans to stop there on the way into fanfest or on their way out and get their pictures taken. we have spread out the footprint. >> helping people enjoy the entire fanfest, the trophies, the tour of the clubhouse, and not make a bee line for the players and everyone will spread out. that is the hope so there will not be a crush of people. if you hope for an autograph, prepare for a long wait. this gets started tomorrow at 10:00 and is expected to last until 3:00. so come on out if you are a giants fan, tomorrow is your day. reporting live from san francisco for abc seven. >> be patient. to help navigate around the park or any traffic problem at any time, you can download our exclusive abc7 news traffic app from apple app and google play.
11:18 am
>> i could consider caltrain. how will be weather be? >> terrific. nicer than it is now which is not too bad compared to this morning and last night and yesterday afternoon. here is a look from emeryville back toward san francisco, you can see how clean the new air mass is as we look at no pollution. look how far you can see. if we were up higher, another perspective, possibly -- okay, we will move on. from south beach toward the financial district a few high clouds. partly sunny for now. live doppler 7 hd shows satellite and radar on the same map with a lack of radar runs and the clouds are slowly eroding from north to south as the dry air moves in and chilly with most of us in the 40's but napa and fairfield we have seen the sunshine the longest. to monterey bay the showers are over, one or two could pop up, we have mid-to-upper 40's, also,
11:19 am
inland. as the dry air comes in, we are cloudy in the afternoon with temperatures below average and clear and cold tonight, with frost inland so have the pets and plants protected overnight from that and a warming trend tomorrow working all the way through the end of the forecast and each day could be getting warmer than the last. you can see the low which is spinning down to the south and with this counter kloss wise flow it will push the showers to the south, in the morning everything cleared and now we have just a lot of sunshine and a few high clouds. this evening, it will be colder than the ensure we have had so if you are headed for friday evening, dress promptly. the king tides, we had one this morning and another tomorrow. watch out for flooding along the coast and the bay shore at 10:21 as the high tide of the month rolls through. pebble beach could have breezy which is cutting and calmer, and
11:20 am
brighter, and warmer, though, saturday and sunday. early rounds in the low 40's and by the afternoon, it will be in the low 50's. if you are headed to fanfest at at&t park, it starts at 10:00 and 48, and sunny and 55 by the time it wraps up at 3:00. if you head up to sierra, we have light snow up to several inches possible on the ski slopes so fresh powder, colder today at 28, and still in the mid-30's saturday and sunday and sunshine with temperatures in the single digit in the morning hour. in los angeles, showers today and temperatures in the upper 50's and mountain snow so if you are drying through the grapevine call ahead and find out how the conditions are saturday and sunday, with increasing sun shine and temperatures below average upper fists -- 50's. tomorrow, mid-to-upper 50's. mid-50's to 60's on sunday. upper 50's to low 60's and finally we end up on thursday
11:21 am
with low-to-mid 60's with no rain ahead. >> thank you, mike. your work is not done, right, a perfect pet? >> a couple of perfect pets and people to introduce you to. we will talk about the tattoos and what it means this weekend for
11:22 am
11:23 am
>> coming up tote -- today on "katie," the latin explosion including supreme court justice sotomayor on "katie." and at 4:00, the effort underway to make the air around oakland's lake cleaner. on abc7 at 5:00, a so-called sticker shock for valentine's
11:24 am
day. your final cost doesn't urgely match the advertised rate. okay. >> time for friday's perfect pets. now we have some new friends and a showdown. >> a lot of us going on at the san francisco spca. laura and daniel are here representing the tattoos and a showdown there but first, the cats. >> this willie and asta, sibling brothers, coming to us about a month ago. justin california san francisco stray cats we made available for adoption. they are currently available and will be all weekend long for our "be mine" adoption. they are free. >> tell us more about the adoption situation starting
11:25 am
today. >> we are open tonight and all weekend every adoption is free. we are waiving every adoption fee to help you find your valentine's gift. >> tell us about the contest. >> there is a catch to our adoption, we are throwing a party tonight, our "be mine," and we will have a tattoo artist or two on staff doing tattoos for the public for $40, but laura and i are doing an auction and we auctioning off our bodies to be tattooed by the highest bidder on e-bay and that auction will end if half an hour. >> you have to tell us who wins and who gets what. >> they get to pick. >> winner picks what tattoo so if you want add piece of our skin here is your chance. all the money goes to the animal.
11:26 am
>> we select the spot. >> thanks, guys. >> that does it for us. thanks for joining us.
11:27 am
11:28 am
[dra ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hi, jon. [cheers and applause] hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant used to design robots that
11:29 am
make parts for black hawk helicopters, so millionaire should be a cakewalk for him. from morristown, new jersey, please welcome jon papp. hey, jon. [cheers and applause] all right. those parts, so what are you doing now, jon? >> well, now i actually build different kinds of-- i used to build robots that made those parts, and now i build different kind of robots. they do warehouse sortation, ike, you know, for parcel companies and stuff like that. but actually that's kind of a boring job. >> is it, yeah? >> yeah, it can be. so a lot of time, i take my girlfriend out. we go swing dancing at night, so that's kind of the new spice in my life. >> really? you're a swing dancer, huh? >> yeah, yeah, just a little bit, yeah. >> i think we have music. do we have music, guys? here we go. [upbeat swing music] [audience cheers] ♪ >> you know this one, right? ♪ [laughs] you got it. [audience claps] >> [laughs]

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